Short Stories

Klondike Justice

Did gambler “Fair Deal” Doak Logan empty “Quicksilver” Riggs DeGraf’s brain pan with a .44 shot to the head along the frozen Yukon River?  A miner’s court is convened in the Golden Mecca saloon on the Alaskan/Canadian frontier during the Klondike gold rush of the early 1900’s to decide the issue.  The local barber, “Longstory” Ed Fields is appointed attorney for the defendant whose only alibi is that he was in bed with “The Beauty”, the highest priced whore in town, during the time of the murder.

In the frozen gold fields, civilization, at least what there was of it, was way beyond law and order.  ‘Question was, was it beyond justice?

Characters both colorful and bazaar make up the “baker’s dozen sober men” of the jury, plus the judge, “The Lucky Cajun” Gustave Thibodeaux, persecutor “Stagestruck” Jim Nell and the witnesses of this life and death kangaroo court.

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