Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 31

E-Publishing Basics

It is absolutely amazing how easy it is to publish your own work electronically on Kindle and Smashwords.  These two are the biggest publishers and while Kindle only reaches Amazon/Kindle readers, there are people with Kindle apps on I-pads, Nooks, Sony Readers and all the other Android, Mac, Windows, and Google tablets out there.  Smashwords, …

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Oct 18

Back Secrets

Lately I’ve been enjoying a relative new series of mysteries based on Agatha Christi novels featuring her amateur sleuth, Miss Marple. What has struck me is how important the back story, or rather the back secrets, are to many of Christi’s characters. A back secret is a character’s hidden back story which altered their character …

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Oct 17


    Probably the biggest mistake beginning writers make is to share their material before it’s ready. That means, before it’s completed. DON’T!      You only have a certain amount of energy, enthusiasm, and interest in anything you write. You can either pour all that into the work or squander it little at a time at …

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