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Apr 08

Writing Dialogue # 3

When I used to teach screenwriting I created a sample list of activities that script writers could use to keep their dialogue from being a TV talk show with the only images being faces – talking heads. The temptation is to have the characters meet in a restaurant and talk while they eat (which presents …

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Apr 03


             Here’s an example of how NOT to write dialogue because no one will believe it.  It may be grammatically proper and win the praise of your English teacher, but readers won’t react favorably at all.             “Good afternoon, my younger brother.  How was your day at school?”             “Wonderful.  We learned so much about …

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Apr 02

Writing Dialogue # 1

Good dialogue should engage the reader and inspire the actor (if it’s in a script). Dialogue has these obvious purposes: Advance the plot Define characters Provide the reader/audience needed information Entertains Originally dialogues were what today we call plays. To the Greeks, these were exchanges between two or more characters in the form of conversations. …

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