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Jul 28


At ground zero your story is about your Main Character (MC) who has a goal.  How compelling, gripping, and powerful your story is depends on two things: (1) what your Main Character has at stake in pursuit of the goal and (2) how much the audience cares about this character.   To discover the value …

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Jul 19

The Basics of Plotting

By definition, plot is the construction or linking together of events which tell a story. In its most basic form, there are three parts to it (1) the beginning, (2) the middle, and (3) the end. It’s like a joke, except that a basic joke is said to have just two parts, (1) the set …

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Jun 02

The Good Things About Bad Writing

The Good Things About Bad Writing by Jack R. Stanley               We’ve all read something not just poorly written, but down right badly written.  And, we remember it.  The good news is this is the same thing that has happened to some of the world’s most successful writers; one day you could be one …

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Apr 28

Do I Really Need Conflict–

Do I Really Need Conflict – In Every Scene or Chapter? Yes!  It’s either ”The Village of Happy People” (Dullsville) or conflict. The Village of Happy People might be a great place to live, but you wouldn’t want to write, much less read or watch a story about it.  Everybody gets along; no one has any personality …

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