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Sep 17

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I give great advice in this blog — but I just don’t always follow it. Take for instance my most recent novel, I hit a “writer’s block” moment — a place where I simply didn’t know what came next. What I did know was what happened after the missing piece. I’ve written before that when …

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Nov 14

I’m Not Going To Reach My Goal — And I’m OK With It

I’m now six chapters into my new novel and I’ve discovered I’m not a two thousand words-a-day writer. I’ve done two thousand a day, but not on this story and not so far. It was my goal, but I’ve not hit it one single day, yet. Oh, well — it’s not the end of the …

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Nov 04

Starting A New Novel As Of Tonight

Tonight I begin my next novel. Having just finished MURDER IN MULESHOE, a mystery, I’m moving back to a Western this time and writing the second in my Texas Ranger Chronicles. The first, finished in 2013, was GUNS ALONG THE RIO — in which my main character, a 17 year old young man, joins the …

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Oct 26

My New Mystery Is Now Available

Murder In Muleshoe copy

My new e-book mystery, MURDER IN MULESHOE, is available Amazon for Kindle and through for epub and other e-book formats.  $2.99.  Enjoy!!

Sep 29

So Much Crap

I just finished cleaning out 67,500+ comments on this blog. That has to be the hardest part of running a blog. Who knew? If anyone knows how to eliminate the crap, please let me know. I don’t need or use Viagra; I’m not selling footwear or insurance? So why do these people send in this …

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Jun 26

How To Write

The first law of writing is: There are no laws. The first rule of writing is: “Anyone who tells you there are rules is a dumbass!” (My rules are at the end of this post.) Look on the Internet and you’ll find rules for writing by some very well known, successful writers. Pick any of …

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Apr 28


Welcome! Why A Writer’s Notebook? Do you really need a notebook as a writer?  In a word, “Yes.” What that notebook is and how it works for you is something only you can define.  There are as many approaches to the idea of a writer’s notebook as there are writers.  But think of it like …

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