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Jan 16

Corpse In Canyon

Corpse In Canyon copy

A CORPSE IN CANYON By Jack R. Stanley “Her feet may be in town, but her ass — and the rest of her is in the county,” said Canyon Police Chief Haskell Maddox. “Obviously she was shot in the city — she just fell into the county,” responded Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Savanna Breeze. “That means …

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Nov 04

Starting A New Novel As Of Tonight

Tonight I begin my next novel. Having just finished MURDER IN MULESHOE, a mystery, I’m moving back to a Western this time and writing the second in my Texas Ranger Chronicles. The first, finished in 2013, was GUNS ALONG THE RIO — in which my main character, a 17 year old young man, joins the …

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Oct 26

My New Mystery Is Now Available

Murder In Muleshoe copy

My new e-book mystery, MURDER IN MULESHOE, is available Amazon for Kindle and through for epub and other e-book formats.  $2.99.  Enjoy!!

Oct 01

The Reluctant President

Reluctant President copy

  What if in the dark, small hours of a morning you discovered Secret Service agents at your front door telling you that you were now the President of the United States?  That’s the way it happened to Porter Randall, a Texas Panhandle surgeon turned novelist who had been persuaded by friends to run for Congress …

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Sep 30

The Reluctant Incumbent

Part two of my Reluctant President series, The Reluctant Incumbent, is now finished and up on Amazon.  It is a sequel and picks up right where the first story left off — and it’s political fiction.  It was fun to write and I hope as fun to read as the first one.

Jun 05


Afternoon Delight

The Vampire Rose by Jack Stanley Price: $3.99 USD. 26720 words. Published on May 4, 2013. Screenplays. A vampire rises in modern day Houston. Detective Aylyne Bartok encounters a TV talk-show host who may be a suspect or a helper in the investigation. The Rape Of Sarah Quinn by Jack Stanley Price: $3.99 USD. 22290 …

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Jun 05

Short Stories

Dangerous Camp On the Kenai by Jack Stanley Price: Free! 2880 words. Published on March 29, 2013. Fiction. (3.00 from 1 review) “Bitterroot” Lodlow Rothrock didn’t come to Alaska for the gold in the year 1899. He had a government job and was happy just to be a part of the last frontier. Doing a …

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Jun 05



Guns Along The Rio by Jack Stanley Price: $4.99 USD. 29200 words. Published on July 16, 2012. Fiction. Texas never had a law against being stupid. Young Trace LaFon counted that a good thing or he’d never have lived long enough to become a Texas Ranger at 17 or partnered up with Xavier Falcon. But …

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