Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 31

What Happens In Case of Disaster?

Have you planned on a fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster? If you keep all your writing on the cloud? What happens if the U.S. and China or Russia go to war and all the satellites and the Internet are the first causalities? We depend so much on today’s technology that we forget how vulnerable …

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Oct 26

My New Mystery Is Now Available

Murder In Muleshoe copy

My new e-book mystery, MURDER IN MULESHOE, is available Amazon for Kindle and through for epub and other e-book formats.  $2.99.  Enjoy!!

Oct 25

Write What You Love

In 1987 Marsha Sinetar wrote a book about helping people find their career called Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow. That’s the bottom line for you as a writer. I’m not one of those who believes you have to suffer for your art. I think you ought to love it. If you’re going …

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Oct 18

Even When You’re Not Writing

There’s a magazine cartoon from either “The Writer” or “The Writer’s Digest” from years ago I remember. It showed a writer standing at a double window looking out on a fall day in his tweed jacket and a pipe in his mouth, talking to his wife dressed in an apron and holding a feather duster …

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Oct 01

The Reluctant President

Reluctant President copy

  What if in the dark, small hours of a morning you discovered Secret Service agents at your front door telling you that you were now the President of the United States?  That’s the way it happened to Porter Randall, a Texas Panhandle surgeon turned novelist who had been persuaded by friends to run for Congress …

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