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Jun 11


In another post I mentioned the idea of using the alphabet to keep from having too many characters whose names that not only begin with the same letter, but are even similar in the number of letters. Imagine having a story with characters named Betsy, Betty, Bessie, and Bossy. In screenwriting where the character’s name …

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Jun 05


Afternoon Delight

The Vampire Rose by Jack Stanley Price: $3.99 USD. 26720 words. Published on May 4, 2013. Screenplays. A vampire rises in modern day Houston. Detective Aylyne Bartok encounters a TV talk-show host who may be a suspect or a helper in the investigation. The Rape Of Sarah Quinn by Jack Stanley Price: $3.99 USD. 22290 …

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Jun 05

Short Stories


Dangerous Camp On the Kenai by Jack Stanley Price: Free! 2880 words. Published on March 29, 2013. Fiction. (3.00 from 1 review) “Bitterroot” Lodlow Rothrock didn’t come to Alaska for the gold in the year 1899. He had a government job and was happy just to be a part of the last frontier. Doing a …

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Jun 05



Guns Along The Rio by Jack Stanley Price: $4.99 USD. 29200 words. Published on July 16, 2012. Fiction. Texas never had a law against being stupid. Young Trace LaFon counted that a good thing or he’d never have lived long enough to become a Texas Ranger at 17 or partnered up with Xavier Falcon. But …

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May 06

Finishing What You Start (on 2nd Thought)

While it is true that if you’re going to be a professional writer, you have to finish what you start — half or even 7/8 of a story isn’t something you can sell or even give away. You have to work on pieces for which you have a passion. What I’ve recently discovered is there …

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Apr 08

Writing Dialogue # 3

When I used to teach screenwriting I created a sample list of activities that script writers could use to keep their dialogue from being a TV talk show with the only images being faces – talking heads. The temptation is to have the characters meet in a restaurant and talk while they eat (which presents …

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Apr 04

E-Publishing Basics – Part 1

It is absolutely amazing how easy it is to publish your own work electronically on Kindle and Smashwords. These two are the biggest publishers and while Kindle only reaches Amazon/Kindle readers, there are people with Kindle apps on I-pads, Nooks, Sony Readers and all the other Android, Mac, Windows, and Google tablets out there. Smashwords, …

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Apr 03


             Here’s an example of how NOT to write dialogue because no one will believe it.  It may be grammatically proper and win the praise of your English teacher, but readers won’t react favorably at all.             “Good afternoon, my younger brother.  How was your day at school?”             “Wonderful.  We learned so much about …

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Apr 02

Writing Dialogue # 1

Good dialogue should engage the reader and inspire the actor (if it’s in a script). Dialogue has these obvious purposes: Advance the plot Define characters Provide the reader/audience needed information Entertains Originally dialogues were what today we call plays. To the Greeks, these were exchanges between two or more characters in the form of conversations. …

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Mar 24

Individual Scenes and Chapters

A chapter in a novel or a scene in a short story or script is a complete dramatic unit which should accomplish all of the following: advances the plot develops character provides the audience with needed information And all of this should keep the reader/viewer engaged in the story. In a screenplay or teleplay, a …

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